Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Research project(s)


-  Assessing and compensating for the loss of autonomy and disability: from the practices of a Belgian federal institution to the subjective experience of persons with disabilities.
-  Evaluation of research policy supporting the cooperation policy.
-  Housing crisis in Brussels: access problem and/or shortage ?.
-  Ongoing research : Governance For Development G4D (ACROPOLIS 2.0).
-  PhD project - Transport pricing: a study of the Belgian case.
-  PhD thesis (successfully defended): A manipuler avec précaution. L’agenda de l’aide aux États fragiles et la dépolitisation de la coopération belge au développement en Afrique des Grands Lacs.
-  PhD thesis : What is the role of Private Domestic Security Actors in the governance of policing in post-conflict and fragility settings? Compared study-case of Capital Cities in the region of Great Lake of Africa..
-  The participation of the Region of Brussels to the production of the EU's public policies. A contribution to a multigovernance approach of the european integration..
-  The role of the third sector in the fight against HIV/AIDS : Comparativeanalysis of three national instances : Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.