Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Research project(s)


-  Art and Performance.
-  Belgian constitutional Law.
-  Discordant Harmony: a new scheme to rethink the self-creation of a democratic community.
-  Feminist approaches to law.
-  Form, Formation, Deformation.
-  From Bildung to Learning Society Philosophical Foundations and Mutations of a Modern Ideal .
-  From the vital reason to the historical narrative reason : the ortegian elaboration of a philosophy of culture.
-  Genèse et devenir de l'imagination dans la philosophie classique allemande.
-  Law and literature. Law, language and translation. .
-  Legal theory and philosophy of law.
-  Limites et frontières.
-  Motifs réflexifs du cinéma muet hollywoodien. Étude philosophique sur l'intervalle de l'image.
-  Philosophical Engagement (Castoriadis).
-  Philosophizing with Jean Genet : literature and norms..
-  Philosophy of Human Rights.
-  Philosophy of literature, history, novel.
-  Public lessons of the School of philosophical and religoius sciences.
-  Rights of nature: Towards a relational and political philosophy of the environment.
-  The Enigma of the Human Being and the Invention of Politics. The Greek roots of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy/Thinking, deliberating, judging : towards a philosophy of justice in action(s).
-  The psychological effects of oppression: Anna Julia Cooper and Black feminist philosophy.
-  The senses of punishment.
-  Thinking in labour: Castoriadis and the Labyrinth of the Human Creation.