Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Research project(s)

Keyword: MOBILITY.

-  Belgians daily mobility (BELDAM).
-  BSI Research chair on companies and sustainable mobility.
-  Chroni-city. Urban health management and health care pathways of people living with HIV/Aids. A comparative approach between Brussels (Belgium) and Rouen (Fance) .
-  Company car taxation: towards a sustainable mobility policy? .
-  Integrating quantitative and qualitative studies on daily mobility and social temporalities.
-  Job Mobility and Family Life in Europe .
-  Job mobility and family live in Europe.
-  Juridico-institutional remedies for lasting mobility in urban and peri-urban areas.
-  Media and ICT use in the context of everyday mobility in Brussels.
-  PhD thesis: Governing Syrian homelessness in Belgium (1970-2010). Entrepreneurship, study, exile.
-  Sustainable habitat for families in urban areas.
-  Taxation of company cars: towards a sustainable mobility policy? .
-  The boroughs of Brussels and problem of mobility.
-  The challenge of the mobility of private actors (students, graduates, savings, companies finance and entities) for tax and fiscal policy.
-  Urban temporalities and transport organization.
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