Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Research project(s)


-  Aids and migration (phase 2).
-  Aids and migration project (phase 1).
-  Black minds within Belgian (de-)colonisation and discrimination. Burundian, Congolese and Rwandese Cultural elite in Belgium (1945-1975)..
-  Care of Moroccan female migrants by christian structures from 1964 to 2004: the example of "Vie Féminine" in Brussels.
-  CES - Axis 3 - Migrations, multiculturalities and ethno-religious belongings.
-  CReSPo - Axe 3 - Political community, identities, boundaries.
-  Forthcoming.
-  IES - Axis 3 - Borders, Migrations, Security.
-  PhD thesis: Collective practices within the mobilization for the regularization of undocumented migrants in Belgium (2014-2020). Tactics, autonomy and articulations between actors with and without papers .
-  PhD thesis : Le partenariat UE-Niger: les migrations à l’épreuve des (re)configurations de la gestion de la mobilité .
-  PhD thesis: The EU-Niger partnership: migration under the test of mobility management (re)configurations .
-  Population and demographic changes.
-  Research-action on the topic of ethno-religious identity mobilizations of Schaerbeek's youth of migrant descent..
-  The impact of the Middle Eastern conflicts (particularly the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) on the coexistence in multicultural societies. Research-action conducted from the Brussels case. .
-  Transmigrant. Belgian, Greek and Creole stories for thinking the coming world.
-  When two socio-cultural islands coexist in the heart of Europe: the relationship to integration of the Greek and Turkish communities of Brussels and their mutual relations..