Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Research project(s)

Keyword: MEDIA.

-  Belgian and Luxembourgish hub for research on digital media and disinformation (EDMO BELUX).
-  Children's use of screens and parental mediation practices: an analysis of parental discourses in their home [doctoral thesis].
-  Communication and valorisation of the ONE and UCL research (2015) "Children and screens. Representations and attitudes of parents and childhood professionals towards the use of screens by children." .
-  Copyright and new technologies (multimedia and Internet).
-  COST Action IS0906 "Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies".
-  Cultural policy and radio and television law.
-  Development of classical and computerized remedial and self-learning methods in English, Dutch, German and French. Design and implementation of a linguistic Web site..
-  Digital and media literacy in teamwork and distance work environments.
-  Digital and media literacy in teamwork and distance work environments (LITME@WORK) .
-  DOCTORAL THESIS - Counter-speeches to jihadist Islamist propaganda after Daesh's birth. An ideological mapping of discursive strategies implemented online by civil society actors in French, English and Arabic between 2014 and 2019 .
-  Filter bubbles on digital social media and opinion formation (Alg-opinion).
-  Intellectual property in the information society and protection of the new technology.
-  Inter-field dynamics. Conceptual insights.
-  Liability of the press.
-  Media and ICT use in the context of everyday mobility in Brussels.
-  Media audience research: Theoretical and methodological developments.
-  Media law and privacy..
-  Media use and reception in a changing socio-technical environment.
-  Optimal allocation of resources between health prevention and health cure.
-  Protection of computer-generated works.
-  Public Law applied to the field of culture.
-  Strengthening Brussels' media clusters: Organisations, workers and communities of practice at Pôle Reyers and beyond (USL-B workpackage: Media workers as communities of practice).
-  Uses of news media and modes of citizenship in a crossmedia environment.
-  Victim/Offender Mediation and Democracy. Reflection about the principle of legality in our criminal law.
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