Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Research project(s)


-  Ancient Greek Literature.
-  Belgian and Sicilian literatures.
-  Between Plural and Singular. Cases, examples, exceptions.
-  Comparative studies on french and hispanic literature in caribbean literature.
-  Forms and dynamic of the literary imagination.
-  France as an utopian place in the works of Gertrud Kolmar..
-  French Letters 1920-1950.
-  From Granada to Istanbul. Perceptions and representations of the Muslim world in the narrative sources of the Low Countries (14th-16th).
-  Introducing Melopoetics.
-  Law and literature.
-  Law and Literature.
-  Law and literature.
-  Law and literature. Law, language and translation. .
-  Law and the politics of language and literature.
-  Limites et frontières.
-  Literature and Knowledge.
-  literature for children.
-  Literature in German Language, Comparative Literature and General Literature..
-  Philosophizing with Jean Genet : literature and norms..
-  Philosophy of literature, history, novel.
-  The ‘cartographic function’ of literature: a compared analysis of the representation processes used in cartography and contemporary French literature .
-  The law of literary creation : fondation or subversion?.
-  The notion fo authorship.
-  The utopian power of contemporary literature: space, lines and movements in Maylis de Kerangal and Jean Echenoz’s novels. .
-  Writers' diaries and writers' status Auto-narrative strategies in the edition of contemporary writers' diaries and their institutional impact .