Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Research project(s)


-  Ancient Greek Linguistics (descriptive and historical linguistics).
-  Application of Construction Grammar to Foreign Language Teaching and Learning.
-  CFPB : Corpus of spoken French in Brussels.
-  Cognitive Approaches to Pedagogical Grammar.
-  Cognitive Linguistics Bibliography (CogBib).
-  Cognitive Sociolinguistics: Language variation in its structural, conceptual and cultural dimensions.
-  Construction Grammars in Germanic and Romance languages.
-  Contrastive analysis German-Dutch: complex verbal phrases with posture verbs.
-  Contrastive analysis of posture verbs in noun-verb phrases in German and Dutch .
-  Contrastive study of posture and motion expressions in Germanic languages.
-  Corpus-based analysis of spoken and written English interlanguage.
-  Corpus-based and corpus-driven analysis of Business English and contrastive analysis.
-  Correction of mistakes/errors made by French-speaking learners of English who go to university.
-  Didactiques of German..
-  Eine kognitive, sprachtypologische und didaktische Untersuchung deutscher Konstruktionen mit Partikelverben.
-  Expressions of motion and posture in Germanic languages.
-  Fostering Language Teaching Efficiency through Cognitive Linguistics.
-  Functional description of Latin syntax.
-  German words in other languages.
-  German Words in Other Languages.
-  History and biography in Latin prose : a statistical research on comparative linguistics and stylistics..
-  Learner corpora and Cognitive Linguistics.
-  Lexicologie contrastive et lexique traduit.
-  Lexis and phraseology in translation: Insights from corpus-based contrastive linguistics and translation studies..
-  Lexis and phraseology in translation: Insights from corpus-based contrastive linguistics and translation studies.
-  Linguistic research on stylistic devices of Latin historical prose..
-  Pluridisciplinary analysis of online petitions.
-  Socio-cultural conceptualizations: Difficulties in the translation of German words into French.
-  Sociocultural Conceptualizations: The Difficulties in the Translation of German Words into French.
-  Study of ellipsis.
-  The "Impersonal Passive" e.g. "uenitur" in classical Latin prose. A survey of the grammatical tradition as well as a morphological, semantic, syntactic, pragmatic and stylistic study of this pattern..
-  The study of ellipsis .
-  The syntax of idioms.
-  The teaching of Flemish colloquial language to non-native speakers in the context of training for employment in Brussels and Flanders.
-  Topological approaches of literary and political texts .
-  Tussentaal in the teaching of Dutch to non-native speakers in the context of job training in Brussels and Flanders.