Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Research project(s)

Keyword: HEALTH.

-  Air pollution: rights and duties.
-  Alternative Spaces (AS) for the Social Inclusion of Vulnerable People in Brussels.
-  A socio-anthropological study of gambling addiction: involvment, practice and learning path of “pathological players”.
-  A socio-anthropological study of gambling addiction: involvment, practice and learning path of “pathological players” .
-  "Autonomy" : from words to ways of beeing in the world, production of a regulative norm within the field of mental health..
-  CES - Axis 2 - Body: health and sexualities.
-  Choosing the Level of Environmental Protection in EC Law - The legal framework.
-  Chroni-city. Urban health management and health care pathways of people living with HIV/Aids. A comparative approach between Brussels (Belgium) and Rouen (Fance) .
-  "Committed offenders and parole: a quest for autonomy." (working title).
-  ERC Starting Grant CoachingRituals (Coaching as a social ritual: acting on people in a liberal-individualistic society (parenting, education, mental health care) .
-  Homosexuals people `s social experiences, health risk and institutional practices: analysis and practical perspectives.
-  Interned offenders and release "on probation": a quest for autonomy..
-  Justice and mental health : towards an interconnected approach ?.
-  Optimal allocation of resources between health prevention and health cure.
-  PhD thesis (Joint agreement): Global Governance and Health.
-  PHD THESIS : Management methods for elderly people at the end of their lives in Burkina Faso: between the family and the hospital .
-  Pluralistic medical systems and non-conventional therapies chosen by people with cancer.
-  Products and Circular Economy in the light of balances of interests (health, environment, enterprises).
-  Rethinking nature. Intersecting Perspectives on Environment, Gender and Health.
-  Sexual and preventive behaviours regarding HIV, hepatitis and other STIs of Sub-Saharan African migrants (SAM).
-  The medical houses in the disadvantaged areas: body and health contrasted practices and representations (temporary title).
-  The pathway of mental health care users in Belgium: an object to rethink in the context of the « Psy 107 » reform..
-  Treatment as Prevention : issues of this paradigm on sexual health of People living with HIV and their partners.
-  Urban pathway care of people in social vulnerability and medical systems. The case of people with HIV in Brussels (doctoral thesis).