Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Research project(s)


-  Climate Change and Air quality Governance.
-  CReSPo - Axe 1 - Public policies and democracy.
-  ERASMUS+ Chaire Jean Monnet - EUGlobalGreen: Call: ERASMUS-JMO-2021-HEI-TCH-RSCH.
-  European Governance and sovereignty.
-  European governance : a new way of governing ?.
-  Governance as scientific concept.
-  IEE - Axis 1 - European governance.
-  Law, governance and sustainable development.
-  New Challenges in a Context of Crises: What Ambition for EU Environmental Law?.
-  Normative competition.
-  PhD thesis : Evolution of social concertation in Belgium:an analysis of Social Companies Federations'representation strategies and participation dynamics.
-  PhD thesis (Joint agreement): Global Governance and Health.
-  PhD thesis : Le partenariat UE-Niger: les migrations à l’épreuve des (re)configurations de la gestion de la mobilité .
-  PhD thesis : Lobbying Europe to develop Africa? International Civil Society Organisations in the supranational governance of development.
-  PhD thesis : Local energy governance and the (non) emergence of renewable energy cooperatives. The case of Wallonia .
-  PhD thesis : The legitimacy of transnational climate initiatives and their role in the global governance of climate change.
-  PhD thesis : What is the role of Private Domestic Security Actors in the governance of policing in post-conflict and fragility settings? Compared study-case of Capital Cities in the region of Great Lake of Africa..
-  Regulation, participatory democracy and legitimacy of the European Union .
-  The contemporary evolutions of the state ?.
-  The participation of the Region of Brussels to the production of the EU's public policies. A contribution to a multigovernance approach of the european integration..
-  The Schéma directeur. A new urban policy instrument in Brussels.
-  Universities and firms: a comparative analysis of the interaction between market processes, organizational strategies and governance.