Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Research project(s)

Keyword: FAMILY.

-  Contemporary evolution of family and parenthood. Socio-political stakes and practical prospects..
-  Family Law and Policy in Europe.
-  Job Mobility and Family Life in Europe .
-  Job mobility and family live in Europe.
-  Ongoing research: ETPAF (Enquête sur la transmission précoce des appartenances dans la famille).
-  Parenting in liberal-individualistic society : the ritualization of parenting coaching's practices..
-  PhD thesis : Décoder le nationalisme banalisé : enquête en Nouvelle-Aquitaine sur la transmission des appartenances dans la famille au prisme des objets culturels à destination des enfants..
-  PHD THESIS : Management methods for elderly people at the end of their lives in Burkina Faso: between the family and the hospital .
-  Representations of women's work.
-  Study of the mythological representations of family ties.
-  Sustainable habitat for families in urban areas.
-  The dynamics of the social and political processus of production of laws in Belgium. Part I. The legal field of the family.
-  The family of German dative constructions.
-  The representation of the family by the political parties in Belgium : what is the specific view of the liberal parties.
-  Who has to care child whom the father is not there ?.