Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Research project(s)


-  Analysis of the sector of professions and activities of the environment for the Brussels Capital Region. .
-  Developing a framework for analysis and evaluation of transitional policies between Education, Training and Employment in the Region of Brussels-Capita.
-  Evaluation study of the contracts of first employment allocated to the federal politics of big cities (CES-CReSPo project).
-  Incomes - Professional Training - Employment in the Brussels Region.
-  Labour market outcomes in a finite world.
-  Ongoing research : BRAIN-BE 2.0 BAsic Income in BELgium: stresstesting basic income in the digital era.
-  PhD Project - Public policies impact assessment: unemployment benefits scheme and taxation structure.
-  Research on persons excluded from unemployment benefits and integration.
-  Sector studies.
-  Sustainable Food System - Potential of employment in Brussels Region..
-  The mode of financing of three social Offices of Interim which exercise their activities in Region of Brussels-capita.
-  x.
-  Youth unemployment. Research on the interesting practices regarding labour market integration of low-skilled and long-term young unemployed in Belgium..