Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Research project(s)

Keyword: BELGIUM.

-  Aids and migration project (phase 1).
-  Belgian colonial Authorities and Congolese Populations in the First World War : adjustment and resilience..
-  Company car taxation: towards a sustainable mobility policy? .
-  DOCTORAL THESIS - Critical policy speeches against journalists in controversies and controversies. Analysis of public space occupation strategies in French-speaking Belgium and France .
-  European tools for social policy in Belgium (ETOS.be).
-  GRAPAX - Research Group on Peacebuilding Policy in Central Africa.
-  Justice and society. Sociopolitical History of Justice administration in Belgium (1795-2005).
-  National survey on sexual behaviour and attitudes towards HIV/AIDS risk.
-  PhD thesis: Governing Syrian homelessness in Belgium (1970-2010). Entrepreneurship, study, exile.
-  Post-doctoral Research - Contesting or consolidating border security? Measuring advocacy capacities of NGOs defending migrants’ rights. .
-  Reception, heritage and memory of the Burgundian past (14th-16th c.) in later times until today.
-  Representations of women's work.
-  State fragility and Statebuilding in Belgium development cooperation policy in Central Africa.
-  Survey on knowledge, attitudes, practices of male homosexuals.
-  Taxation of company cars: towards a sustainable mobility policy? .
-  The conventional political participation in Belgium : the adherents of the political parties in Belgium.
-  The representation of the family by the political parties in Belgium : what is the specific view of the liberal parties.
-  Thèse de doctorat : « Le plus ancien et le plus célèbre de nos ordres nationaux »? The Remembrance and Challenges of the Order of the Golden Fleece in Belgium (ca 1740-ca 1940).
-  Who has to care child whom the father is not there ?.