Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Research project(s)

Keyword: ACTION.

-  A guiding framework for ecosystem services monetization in ecological-economic modeling.
-  CES - Axis 1 - Analysis of the public action, participative systems, social and political involvement.
-  Challenges and Modalities to Include Collective Actors into the Protection of Cultural Heritage.
-  Comparative Anthropology of the subject in the ancient City..
-  Corpus-based analysis of spoken and written English interlanguage.
-  DOCTORAL THESIS - Bruspitality - Networked public action in the care of migrants in transit in the Brussels region..
-  Doctoral thesis. Prevention of radicalization through culture and self-expression. A "subjective shift" in public action? .
-  En construction.
-  IEE - Axis 1 - European governance.
-  Language, Action, Knowledge.
-  Long term contract.
-  National survey on sexual behaviour and attitudes towards HIV/AIDS risk.
-  Opportuneness and effectiveness of the Autonomic Police Action.
-  Research-action on the topic of ethno-religious identity mobilizations of Schaerbeek's youth of migrant descent..
-  Seminary for philosophical reflexion.
-  Sexual behaviour and attitudes towards HIV/AIDS in Belgium and in Europe: a set of research.
-  The cooperative federalism through the lens of public action: the case of the Regional Express Network (RER) in Brussels.
-  The "master plan": an original participatory device to help bolster the Brussels-Capital Region's attractiveness .
-  The master plan as a new tool in the development of urban waste land: an original participative measure to reinforce the attractiveness of the Brussels-Capital Region.
-  Uploading and downloading the European structural Funds in the Brussels Capital Region .