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The two companies of Musketeers of the King of France (1622-1815): elite corps, royal confidence and extraordinary service



This research work on military history takes a dual approach by studying the Musketeers as an example of the functioning of an elite corps of the French army of the Ancien Régime, without however neglecting all the particularities of this troop that founded their fame. Always at the forefront of military advances, the Musketeers were indeed among the first soldiers to receive a uniform, barracks or the most advanced weapons; hybrid status, their dual service on foot and on horseback was also a tactical novelty. Without forgetting to understand the foundations of their immortal glory which made them, more than any other, the most famous military corps in French culture.


BELY Lucien, DUBOIS Sébastien.


Musketeers / Military history / Elite corps.

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