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‘Fighting students’ failure at the university, rethinking pedagogical relation’



In a context where the organization of studies is disrupted, where failure rates worry more than before, where there are dissatisfactions on the part of teachers and students on the educational relationship; and at a time when the scientific literature offers new lines of thought and where rich educational initiatives are multiplying, this research project proposes a position of diagnosis-research-action. He wants to approach the question of failure not in the absolute, but from the transformations of the teacher-student relationship, and the complex game of expectations and reciprocal demands that it engages, to identify the room for maneuver that we have or can create to improve this relationship and to fight against avoidable failure, unexplained failure, repeated failure and failure not understood. Through quantitative and qualitative surveys, the project will follow a cohort of first-time USL-B students over three years and involve members of the academic, scientific and administrative staff.


Marquis Nicolas, Dejean Karine.


students' failure / pedagogical relation / quali-quanti study.

Research staff

DEGRAEF Véronique.