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Review "Les pages - Obligations, Contracts and Liability"



The aim of the journal is to offer a synthetic analysis of the evolutions of the law of obligations, the law of contracts and the law of compensation for damages, mainly in Belgium. A legal watch magazine intended primarily for legal professionals, it reports on legislative, case law and doctrinal news and endeavors to make the link with practice.

Since January 2018, the journal is published in electronic format, and takes the form of a newsletter sent every two weeks. The articles, and any commented decisions, are accessible via Jurisquare. The texts are one-page, half-page and "short" texts.

At the beginning of the year 2020, the decision was made to distribute this journal in the form of a free electronic newsletter.
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BERNARD Nicolas, NINANE Yannick (rédacteurs en chef).


Law of obligations / Contract law / Tort law - Liability / Consumer Law / Business Law.

Research staff

Comité de rédaction / Drafting Committee: BERLINGIN Maxime, DEBROUX Laurent, DELFORGE Catherine, GERMAIN Jean-François, JADOUL Pierre, LÉONARD Thierry, RUELLE Annette, STROWEL Alain et VAN MEERBEECK Jérémie.

Autres chercheurs/other researchers: BERLINGIN Maxime, BERNARD Nicolas, CHARLIER Aline, COPPÉE Tom, CRUYSMANS Edouard, CULOT Henri, DASNOY Hadrien, DEBROUX Laurent, DE CALLATAY Colombe, DEFOSSE Marie, DEFRAITEUR Vincent, DELFORGE Catherine, DE PIERPONT Gabriela, FOURREZ Adrien, FRUY Gaëlle, GERMAIN Jean-François, GHISLAIN Sarah, GODIN Jean-Théodore, HOOGSTEYN Gaëlle, JADOUL Pierre, LAMBRECHTS Thérèse, LARIELLE Sarah, LEGRAND Ophélie, LELEUX Aurélie, LÉONARD Thierry, NICAISE Valérie, NINANE Yannick, PUYRAIMOND Jean-Ferdinand, SCHULTZ Guillaume, STROWEL Alain, VANDENHOUTEN Laurence, VAN GANSBEKE Caroline, VAN GEHUCHTEN Pierre-Paul, VAN LOOCK Sander, VAN MEERBEECK Jérémie, VANVREKOM Sébastien, VAN ZUYLEN Jean