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IES - Axis 5 - Environment and Sustainable Development

Coordination centre(s)

Institut d'études européennes (IEE)


The authors of the founding treaties sought to reconcile various conflicting interests, including the proper functioning of the internal market and the interests of consumers, their health and the protection of the environment. The EU therefore not only guarantees a free economic space where goods and services can move freely. It also seeks to reconcile this area with other non-market aspirations. Due to the intertwining of different public policies, the research axis focuses on different topical issues where the centripetal forces of market integration are opposed to the centrifugal forces in terms of the level of health protection, workers, consumers and the environment. These include the problems of GMOs (Monsanto 810 corn), pesticides (Glyphosate), biocides, and motor vehicles (Dieselgate), which crystallize many political tensions. Author of numerous publications in this field, including the commentary Mégret at the ULB and a book devoted to the issue published by Oxford University Press (EU Environmental Law & Internal Market, 2014), the head of this research group participates, on behalf of the IEE, in many conferences abroad. He holds, for the second time, a Jean Monnet Chair.





European Law / Environment / Trade / Sustainable Development.

Research staff

MAISIN Jean-Benoit, FONTAN Clément.