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IES - Axis 1 - Democracy and Legitimacy

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Institut d'études européennes (IEE)


This first axis deals with the issues of the legitimacy of the European Union in a broad sense, in particular from the point of view of the processes of (de-)legitimization of the EU. Crossing legal and political approaches, the research carried out in this axis is interested in the representations of Europe, notably through the "narratives" of European political actors and judges. This axis also examines the action of the European Union from the point of view of the citizens themselves.

Continuing the work previously carried out in the framework of the collective research project European Tools and Belgian Social Policy (ETOS.be) (2005-2008), the ARC The Europeanization of Law, Public Action and Social Norms (2008-2012) and the ARC Why Regulate? Regulation, Deregulation and the Legitimacy of the EU (2013-2018), this first axis now takes up the collective and interdisciplinary research conducted within the Jean Monnet Un-Muting Europe Center of Excellence (EUNMUTE). The general objective of the project is to create an interdisciplinary platform allowing researchers, students, policy makers and civil society actors to better understand how the EU action allows (or not) our societies to address major societal challenges at the institutional, normative, socio-technical and environmental levels. The Centre of Excellence will study the extent to which EU action in these areas is beneficial, not only in terms of effectiveness, but also in terms of legitimacy. EUNMUTE is based on the idea that, far from undermining the functioning of national representative democracies, the EU can improve it by giving a voice to those who are usually ignored by national governments (see www.eunmute.eu).


DUEZ Denis, BAILLEUX Antoine, JACQUOT Sophie, DELMOTTE Florence.


Democracy / Legitimacy.

Research staff



Université catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve.