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IES - Axis 3 - Borders, Migrations, Security

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Institut d'études européennes (IEE)


The entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty has opened up the possibility of deepening the long-embryonic European defence policy. At the same time, security issues, understood in the broadest sense of the term, have gradually gained in importance and become cross-cutting concerns for the Union: security of energy supplies, environmental security, security at external borders, control of migratory flows, the fight against organized crime, crisis management, etc. This third axis takes note of this growing importance. This third axis takes note of this growing importance. It aims to study the political, legal and discursive processes underlying the emergence and mutations of the "threats" and "risks" on the community agenda.

This axis has two dimensions. On the one hand, it brings together the activities of the IEE relating to European defence and external security. These activities mainly include the activities of the "Security and Defence" group led by René LERAY. On the other hand, it includes the research activities on the internal dimension of European security developed by Denis DUEZ, Agathe PIQUET, Alise DAUCHY and Rocco BELLANOVA. This work examines the issues arising from the establishment of the European area of freedom, security and justice: border controls, constitution of a European area of information exchange, cooperation in the fight against terrorism, etc.


DUEZ Denis.


Defence / Security / Threat / Risk / Borders / Technology / European Union / Migration.

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