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Pleonastic constructions as intensification expressions



The project focuses on pleonastic constructions that express an intensification. It deals more specifically with constructions containing pleonastic adverbs (Olsen 1996), such as "Die Mutter setzt das Kind auf das Pferd drauf" ('The mother puts the child on the horse on it'), and constructions with prepositional phrases introduced with the preposition "bis" and other pleonastic directional adverbs, such as "Er wird dich lieben bis in den Tod hinein" ('He will love you until death into'). Both constructions are described in Goldberg's (1995 and 2006) construction grammar model.



De Knop Sabine.


Construction Grammar / pleonastic constructions / deictic particles / prepositional phrase / German.

Research staff

Prof. Dr. Alexander Ziem (Düsseldorf), Prof. Dr. Fabio Mollica (Milano).

Associate research staff

Dr. Katrin Steyer (Mannheim), Prof. Dr. Carmen Mellado (Compostela), Prof. Dr. Elmar Schafroth (Düsseldorf).


Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf
Universita` degli Studi di Milano
Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim.