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Contrastive analysis German-Dutch: complex verbal phrases with posture verbs

Coordination centre(s)

Séminaire des Sciences du Langage (SeSLa).


Analysis of a type of constructions which are frequent in German and Dutch, namely verbal constructions in which the substantive carries the main meaning and the verb has lost its lexical role and serves mainly as a light verb. Example: (German) etwas in Bewegung setzen; (Dutch) iets in beweging zetten (lit. 'to set something into motion' = 'to start something'). The project focuses on phrases containing posture verbs or placement verbs. The complex verbal phrases will be examined in their respective languages as well as classified according to different criteria. The results in both languages will finally be compared and analyzed.


DE KNOP Sabine.


Contrastive linguistics / German / Dutch / Posture verbs / Placement vebs.

Research staff



Prof. Julien Perrez, Université de Liège
Prof. Ferran Suner Munoz, Université catholique de Louvain
Prof. Raphaël Berthele, Université de Fribourg.