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Application of Construction Grammar to Foreign Language Teaching and Learning



The concept of Construction Grammar(CxG)refers to different theoretical models in which Constructions constitute the basic units. Constructions are form-meaning mappings which can have different degrees of abstraction. CxG rejects the principle of phrasal structures in which some formal classes (like V, N, A,etc.) can be assembled according to general abstract rules in order to build syntagma. Each construction from word towards sentences (and even texts)is considered as an autonomous symbolic entity with semantic and syntactic constraints (Fillmore (1988), Croft (2001), Goldberg (1995 et 2006)). This framework allows to develop teaching strategies for a better learning of foreign languages, more specifically when the mother tongue and the foreign language belong to different typological classes.



De Knop Sabine, Gallez Françoise.


construction grammar / construction / applied linguistics / foreign language teaching / foreign language learning / Germanic languages.


Fabio Mollica (Università degli Studi di Milano)

Paul Sambre (KULeuven)
Jürgen Erfurt (Universität Frankfurt)

Ferran Suner Munoz (Université catholique de Louvain)
Elsa Liste Lamas & Barbara Lübke (Université Santiago de Compostela).