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Law in transition. Legal science in a post-growth society



Many economists and energy specialists are predicting a period of "secular stagnation", with virtually no economic growth. This may seem frightening, but it invites us to consider the role of law and lawyers in the process of economic and ecological transition that is taking place in our societies - this is the purpose of this research axis.


Bailleux Antoine.


Economic Growth / De-growth / Law / Transition / Commons / Prosperity.

Research staff

François Ost, Daniel Dumont, Olivier Dussauge, Isabelle Hachez, Diane Bernard, Pauline Begasse, Marie-Sophie de Clippele, Mauricio Garcia, Delphine Misonne, Alain Strowel, Nicolas Bernard, Olivia Nederlandt, Norman Vander Putten.


UCLouvain (LPTransition).