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Research project

Acting and speeking under the Roman Republic. Juridical Anthropology of the Forms of Proceedings and its Application to the Question of the History of stipulation in ancient Roman Law.


RUELLE Annette, HANARD Gilbert.


From a philological and semantical approach of the latin verb agere, the research aims to understand the meaning and function of the formalism of the actiones in the ancient civil law. Besides the anthropological interest, the origin and history of the civil contract in the archaic period appears more clearly in this context.


Speech act / Formalism / Proceedings / rivalry / Interpersonal relationship / Actor / Sacrifice.


FUSL, Centre de Recherches en Histoire du Droit et des Institutions (CRHIDI), Bruxelles
"Société Internationale ""Fernand de Visscher"" pour l'Histoire des droits de l'Antiquité".