Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Eric Bousmar

Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
Boulevard du Jardin botanique, 43
B-1000 Brussels

Tel.: +2 02 211 79 65
E-mail: eric.bousmar@usaintlouis.be
URL: http://www.crhidi.be/les-membres/bousmar-eric/

CV : pdf

Ongoing project(s)

-  Historical anthropology and cultural history of the Low Countries (14th-16th c.), esp. gender issues.
-  Legal and political history of the Low Countries before 1800, esp. urban legislation
-  A critical study of primary sources for the study of the history of the Burgundian Low Countries (14th-16th C.)
-  History and the public uses of the past. Heritage. Commemorations. History and the historical novel.
-  Legal history
-  Political, institutionnal and social history
-  Historiographical and methodological issues in the field of History and Legal History, including history & memory
-  From Granada to Istanbul. Perceptions and representations of the Muslim world in the narrative sources of the Low Countries (14th-16th)
-  Johanna of Brabant (1322-1406), her principate and her duchies, a woman of power neglected by History?.

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