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Centre for the study of the history of law, institutions and society

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AUDREN Frédéric, BARTHÉLEMY Sarah, BOUSMAR Eric, CAUCHIES Jean-Marie (prof. émérite), COLPAINT Emilie, DABE Xavier, DAUCHY Serge, DE BROUX Pierre-Olivier, DESMETTE Philippe, DOULEY Julie, DUBOIS Sébastien, DU ROY DE BLICQUY Gaétan, FALZONE Emmanuel, FONTAINE Paul (prof. émérite), HANARD Gilbert (prof. émérite), KLIMIS Sophie, LANDMETERS Romain, LIARD Florence, LOOS Roxanne, MERVEILLE Clémence, NGONGO Enika, OULAD BEN TAIB Hajar, PIRET Bérengère, RASE Céline, RENGLET Antoine, ROVETTA Ornella, RUELLE Annette, RUTSAERT Camille, SGHAÏER Nissaf, TIHON André (prof. émérite), TOUHAMI Sofia, TOUSIGNANT Nathalie, TSHIJIKA TSHIFUFU Nicolas, VERREYCKEN Quentin, XHROUET Laetitia.

External collaborator(s)

ROBAYE Rene, TIXHON Axel, TOCK Benoît-Michel, TONDEUR Maxime, VANDERMEERSCH Bernard, VAN EECKENRODE Marie, VAN HAEPEREN Françoise, WALTERS Daffyd B., WARLAND Geneviève (membres associé·e·s).

ADDE Éloïse, BANSE Camille, DEBUISSON Marc, DEPRETER Michael, DOCQUIER Gilles, FEDERINOV Bertrand, MAILLARD-LUYPAERT Monique, MEUNIER Nicolas, THOMAS Catherine (chercheur·e·s associé·e·s).

About the Centre

Three thematic and complementary axis are studied by CRHiDI members :

1) legal history ;

2) political history and the history of societies, including the history of political culture, Church history, historical anthropology and legal anthropology;

3) historiographical and methodological issues in history and legal history, incl. collective memory.

The main study areas are:

1) the Ancient Mediterranean;

2) medieval and Early Modern Europe, esp. the Low Countries under the dukes of Burgundy, their predecessors and successors, in an comparative European perspective;

3) modern and Contemporaries Europe and its (former) colonies, esp. the European integration, independant Belgium and its (former) colony and oversea territories.

Lawyers, legal historians and historians of societies are working here as a team. The research center is indeed common to the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. An open-access journal is published by the research center, under the name "C@hiers du CRHiDI. Histoire, droit, institutions, société".


legal history / history of institutions / political history / history & memory.

Ongoing project(s)

-  Johanna of Brabant (1322-1406), her principate and her duchies, a woman of power neglected by History?.
-  Care of Moroccan female migrants by christian structures from 1964 to 2004: the example of "Vie Féminine" in Brussels.
-  From Granada to Istanbul. Perceptions and representations of the Muslim world in the narrative sources of the Low Countries (14th-16th).
-  The mission of Kanzenze, starting point of the missionary expansion of the Friars Minor (Franciscans) in Katanga:1920-1960.
-  Black minds within Belgian (de-)colonisation and discrimination. Burundian, Congolese and Rwandese Cultural elite in Belgium (1945-1975)..
-  Belgian colonial Authorities and Congolese Populations in the First World War : adjustment and resilience..
-  The two companies of Musketeers of the King of France (1622-1815): elite corps, royal confidence and extraordinary service.
-  Bishop’s Jurisdiction in Practice: The Two Consistory Courts of Cambrai and the Administration of Justice within the Medieval Southern Low Countries (1180-1559).
-  Thèse de doctorat : « Le plus ancien et le plus célèbre de nos ordres nationaux »? The Remembrance and Challenges of the Order of the Golden Fleece in Belgium (ca 1740-ca 1940).
-  Thèse de doctorat : The typographic adventure in Mons in Austrian Hainaut, 1725-1786. Men, rules, production.
-  HOME (Human Remains Origin(s) Multidisciplinary Evaluation).
-  Supply a Fair and Transparent Access to a shared Heritage - the 'Africa Archives' - to implement Decolonised Research about Belgian colonisation in Congo, Rwanda and Burundi (1885-1962).
-  Nation - Power - Subjectivity : the Making of National Subjects in Late Medieval Bohemia and Brabant (1300-1450).
-  Legal history.
-  Political, institutionnal and social history.
-  Historiographical and methodological issues in the field of History and Legal History, including history & memory.


Publications on DIAL (Dépôt Institutionnel de l'Académie universitaire 'Louvain')