Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles
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Center for Research in Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology

Boulevard du Jardin botanique, 43
B-1000 Bruxelles

Tel.: +32 2 211.78.11
E-mail: casper@usaintlouis.be
URL: http://casper-usaintlouis.be/


DELCHAMBRE Jean-Pierre, MARQUIS Nicolas.


CHARRASSE Fanny, DAELMAN Chloé, DAL Cynthia, DEGRAEF Véronique, DEJEAN Karine, DELCHAMBRE Jean-Pierre, DENIS Lucile, DEPRINS Dominique, DE SPIEGELEIR Sophie, DUFRASNE Marie, GIRALDO Silvia, GURNET Nathan, HUERDO MORENO Cristal, HUYNEN Philippe, JOMAT Anaïs, LENEL Emmanuelle, MARQUIS Nicolas, MAZY Aveline, MESSAOUDI Fadoua, MIGNON Solène, MINCKE Christophe, PATRIARCHE Geoffroy, PESESSE Sophie, RIMBOURG Noémie, SCHEEPERS Caroline, SYSKOVA Alexandra, TANT Cédric, TISSOT Véronique, VAN CAMPENHOUDT Luc, WOITCHIK Juliette.

External collaborator(s)

BRODY, Aymeric, CHAUMONT Jean-Michel, EHRENBERG Alain, HUYNEN Philippe, MESSAOUDI, Fadoua, MOUTAUD Baptiste, NILS Frédéric, TANT Cédric.

About the Centre

The CASPER is a research center dedicated to the production, the accumulation and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the fields of social and cultural anthropology, sociology and psychology.

The specialization areas of its members include: sociology of mental health; sociology of cultural practices ; the study of new coexistence patterns; individualization of life course and autonomy-related normativity; educational guidance ; the transformations of work; quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

The CASPER members offer research experiences for MA students and organize supervision of doctoral students. They also set up many scientific activities dedicated to academic and / or larger audiences. Finally, the CASPER makes its expertise available by responding to funding opportunities.


Social and cultural anthropology / sociology / psychology / mental health / methodology.

Ongoing project(s)

-  ERC Starting Grant CoachingRituals (Coaching as a social ritual: acting on people in a liberal-individualistic society (parenting, education, mental health care) .
-  ‘Fighting students’ failure at the university, rethinking pedagogical relation’.
-  Alter conference : Rethinking Institutions and Deinstitutionalisation from a Disability Perspective.
-  ARC AutonomiCap ‘Autonomy through handicap, Handicap through autonomy’.
-  HeLangue.
-  Alternative Spaces (AS) for the Social Inclusion of Vulnerable People in Brussels.
-  ‘Perspectives on the "Belgian sector", Life course of people with autism and organization of care in France and Belgium’.


Publications on DIAL (Dépôt Institutionnel de l'Académie universitaire 'Louvain')