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Engage - Research Center for Publicness in Contemporary Communication

Faculté des sciences économiques, sociales, politiques et de la communication
Boulevard du Jardin botanique, 43
B-1000 Bruxelles

Tel.: +32 2 211.79.70
E-mail: engage@usaintlouis.be
URL: http://www.engage.usaintlouis.be




CHAPELLIER Daphné (àpd août 2022), COBBAUT Nathalie, COLLARD Anne-Sophie, D'ARRIPE Agnès, DELCHAMBRE Jean-Pierre, DENECKERE Karel (jusque sept. 2022), DENIS Lydie, DUFRASNE Marie, GUERRIERO Loredana, JACOBS Thomas, LITS Brieuc (jusque sept. 2022), MAES Renaud, MARQUIS Nicolas, PATRIARCHE Geoffroy, PHARES Deborah, MALCORPS Sylvain (oct. 2021 – oct. 2022)TANT Cédric, TERZIS Georgios, VOSSEN Kelly, WIARD Victor.

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About the Centre

Engage - Research Center for Publicness in Contemporary Communication is the research center for Media and Communication Studies of the Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles (USL-B). Engage is the successor to PReCoM (Pôle de Recherches sur la Communication et les Médias) and was established in October 2019.

Engage investigates the way social actors engage with each other and with society at large, with an emphasis on questions of media, communication and discourse. Public spheres emerge as actors engage in communicative processes and practices. Engage explores the different modes in which publicness is conceived and practiced. It examines the different ways in which social actors practice interaction, participation and debate across media.

At the same time, Engage positions itself firmly within the public sphere it seeks to understand. Engage offers critical contributions to debates about the public sphere, as well as to the debates and processes that constitute the public sphere. In this sense, Engage’s researchers do not position themselves as detached observers but consider their activities as contributions to the public sphere they seek to investigate. One could therefore say that Engage embraces the principle of engagement, committing itself to the ideal of a public realm structured along democratic lines.


Media / Communication / Engagement / Participation / Public sphere.

Ongoing project(s)

-  Filter bubbles on digital social media and opinion formation (Alg-opinion).
-  COST Action CA17135 Constitution-making and deliberative democracy.
-  DOCTORAL THESIS - Critical policy speeches against journalists in controversies and controversies. Analysis of public space occupation strategies in French-speaking Belgium and France .
-  DOCTORAL THESIS - Counter-speeches to jihadist Islamist propaganda after Daesh's birth. An ideological mapping of discursive strategies implemented online by civil society actors in French, English and Arabic between 2014 and 2019 .
-  Belgian and Luxembourgish hub for research on digital media and disinformation (EDMO BELUX).
-  Economic nationalism (EN) as an ideology in EU politics: a discourse-theoretical approach [post-doctoral project funded by F.R.S.-FNRS] .
-  REgulatory and other solutions to MitigatE online DISinformation (REMEDIS).
-  DOCTORAL THESIS — Harnessing the long temporality of the COVID-19 health crisis in discourse. A critical discourse study of the evolution of the use of time in the narratives of the Belgian public actors of the pandemic .


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