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Séminaire des Sciences du Langage

Philosophie, Lettres et Sciences humaines,

Langues et lettres romanes, germaniques et classiques;

traduction et interprétation
Boulevard du Jardin botanique, 43
B-1000 Bruxelles

Tel.: +32 2 2117967
Fax: +32 2 2117997
E-mail: anne.dister@usaintlouis.be; dominique.longree@usaintlouis.be
URL: https://www.sesla.be/


Dister Anne, Longrée Dominique.


BARUH Thomas, DE KNOP Sabine, GALLEZ Françoise, GAUTHIER Justine, HERMANN Manon, LEFER Marie-Aude, LENOBLE Muriel, LENOBLE-PINSON Michèle, TEMMERMAN Tanja, THEWISSEN Jennifer, WILLEMS Martine, VINCENT Arnaud, XHARDEZ Didier.

External collaborator(s)

BOOTTAWONG, Kanittarat (Ubonratchathani Rajabhat University, Thaïlande et Institut Jean-Pierre Lallemand, Bruxelles),

BUELENS, Erik (Litteris, Bruxelles),

COLSON,Jean-Pierre (Université catholique de Louvain),

CUGNON, Béatrice (Université Saint-Louis),

DE COCK Sylvie (Université catholique de Louvain),

DELNESTE Stéphanie (Université catholique de Louvain),

GILQUIN, Gilquin (Université catholique de Louvain),

LABEAU, Emmanuelle (University of Aston),

LAPORTE, Samantha (Université catholique de Louvain),

MEUNIER, Fanny (Université catholique de Louvain),

MOLLICA, Fabio (Università degli Studi di Milano),

PERREZ, Julien (Université de Liège),

SIRJACOBS, Guy (Université Saint-Louis),

SUÑER MUNOZ, Ferran (Université catholique de Louvain),

VOGELEER, Svetlana (Université catholique de Louvain).

About the Centre

The Séminaire des Sciences du Langage (SeSLa) is the linguistics research centre of the Université Saint-Louis. It welcomes researchers from the departments of Romance, Germanic and ancient languages and also from the Faculty of translation and interpreting Marie Haps.

The SeSLa aims at fostering research in all linguistic fields in an interdisciplinary perspective. More concretely, research is centred around two main topics: contrastive linguistics and text linguistics.

The research axis devoted to contrastive linguistics deals with questions arising from the comparative analysis of different languages between related languages or between languages belonging to different typological classes. The theoretical frameworks for contrastive analysis are based on various linguistic models and schools, such as cognitive linguistics, construction grammars, valency theory or corpus linguistics. This research axis also deals with applications in the field of foreign language pedagogy and with the use of native or learner corpora for the development of more effective foreign language. This axis includes the following projects: the application of Construction Grammars to the learning of Germanic languages, expressions of motion and posture in Germanic languages, action-based learning of foreign languages, learner corpora, L2 and interlanguage, the syntax of idiomatic expressions in foreign languages, stance expressions across French and Spanish.

Researchers in text and discourse linguistics focus among others on dislocation studies, the automatic treatment of textual data, the study of ellipsis, the analysis of linguistic characteristics in children's literature or the study of political discourse.

Research meetings and conferences are regularly organized: Cercle Belge de Linguistique, Journées de linguistique latine, International Colloquium for Latin linguistics, JADT(11es Journées Internationales d?analyse statistique des données textuelles) in 2012, international conference "Constructionist Approaches to Language Pedagogy (CALP2013)" (8 and 9 Novembre 2013), or the conférence on light verb constructions in 2017 (http://centres.fusl.ac.be/LING10_08/document/Linguistics_site/SeSLa/accueil.html). Some conferences and debates are also organized for students and non-experts.


Linguistics / Contrastive analysis of languages / discourse analysis / corpus and text / language typology.

Ongoing project(s)

-  The feminization of agent names: diachronic study and crossed contemporary perspectives.
-  Pleonastic constructions as intensification expressions.
-  Lexis and phraseology in translation: Insights from corpus-based contrastive linguistics and translation studies..
-  Pluridisciplinary analysis of online petitions.
-  Learning scenarios to support inclusive language and culture education for heterogeneous school classes .
-  Application of Construction Grammar to Foreign Language Teaching and Learning.
-  Causal constructions between Construction Grammar and phraseology.
-  The family of German dative constructions.
-  CFPB : Corpus of spoken French in Brussels.
-  ORTHOCOR. Mistakes made by 6th-grade pupils in the Balfroid dictation.
-  Linguistic Policy.
-  Topological approaches of literary and political texts .
-  The syntax of idioms.
-  Study of ellipsis.
-  Light verb constructions in Germanic languages.
-  Verbless directives in German. Typological and contrastive description.
-  Accuracy among EFL learners: a learner corpus approach .
-  Contrastive analysis German-Dutch: complex verbal phrases with posture verbs.
-  Cognitive, typological and constructional study of German particle verb constructions .
-  Doctoral thesis. The level of spelling proficiency with young people between 10 and 15 in the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles..
-  The teaching of Flemish colloquial language to non-native speakers in the context of training for employment in Brussels and Flanders.
-  Thai Learner English: From corpus collection to the study of L2 grammatical accuracy and syntactic complexity .


Publications on DIAL (Dépôt Institutionnel de l'Académie universitaire 'Louvain')