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E-mail: crespo@usaintlouis.be
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ARENS Nicolas, BELLANOVA Rocco, BLED Amandine, BOLDRINI Miranda, BOYADJIAN Alain, BROGNA Valentina, CANIHAC Hugo, COBUT Loïc, DAHIN Charlotte, DAMESTOY Manon, DAUCHY Alise, DAVIO Thérèse, DELMOTTE Florence, DENIS Benjamin, DI BONAVENTURA Florence, DUEZ Denis, DUFOUR Gaïa, DUFRASNE Marie, FACCENDA Virginia Fanny, GABORIT Maxime, GEELS Floriane, IOZZELLI Laura, JACQUOT Sophie, JOLY Jeroen, KANG Yi hyun, KAVVATHA Eleni, KLIMIS Emmanuel, LAFON Claire, LELOUP Bernard, LESUEUR-BONTE Franck, MATAGNE Geoffroy, MCDONALD Louisa, MERCENIER Heidi, MINGUET Angèle, NGUYEN Anne, PAYE Olivier, SINARDET Dave, VANDERBORGHT Yannick, VERTONGEN Youri.

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About the Centre

Created at the end of 2001, the Centre de recherche en science politique (CReSPo) has developed and diversified its areas of research since its inception, with the arrival of an increasing number of new researchers, notably on F.R.S.-FNRS and FRESH mandates, and thanks to the FSR. Initially specialized in the analysis of public action, CReSPo is now recognized for the quality of its work in various fields: democracy and the social economy, security policies, immigration and border issues in Europe, international environmental negotiations, peace policies in Africa, and certain issues related to gender equality. This report provides an overview of the research activities carried out by CReSPo members between December 1, 2021 and November 30, 2022 that fall within the six research axes currently defined within the center. The CReSPo is currently (since January 1, 2021 and for a period of 3 years) directed by Amandine ORSINI and composed of about thirty members. It regularly organizes seminars and conferences, and participates in several Belgian and international research networks. Among other things, the year 2021-2022 has been marked by the resumption of the CReSPo seminars, both online and in person, as well as by the institutionalization of the doctoral training seminars "Les cuisines de la thèse" created by the doctoral students of the center.


Public policies / International organisations / Social policies / Identity and borders / Gender.

Ongoing project(s)

-  CReSPo - Axe 1 - Public policies and democracy.
-  CReSPo - Axe 2 - Social policies and social rights.
-  CReSPo - Axe 3 - Political community, identities, boundaries.
-  CReSPo - Axe 4 - The role of the State in post-conflict situations.
-  CReSPo - Axe 5 - International negociations and global environmental politics.
-  CResPo - Axe 6 - Gender and politics.
-  Centre of Excellence Jean Monnet Un-Muting Europe (EUNMUTE).
-  ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet Chair - EUGENDERING Tackling the challenges of a Union of gender+ equality.
-  ERASMUS+ Chaire Jean Monnet - EUGlobalGreen: Call: ERASMUS-JMO-2021-HEI-TCH-RSCH.
-  PSR : Human Rights Based Approach for Development.
-  ARC : ARC AutonomiCap ‘Autonomy through handicap, Handicap through autonomy’.
-  Ongoing research : BRAIN-BE 2.0 BAsic Income in BELgium: stresstesting basic income in the digital era.
-  Ongoing research: ETPAF (Enquête sur la transmission précoce des appartenances dans la famille).
-  ongoing research : Youth goals in Earth politics. Do youth actors bring change in global environmental politics?.
-  Ongoing research: An Interdisciplinary Study on Basic Income from Theological and Social Scientific Perspectives.
-  PhD thesis (joint degree): European democracy in question. The case of the CETA-TTIP free trade agreements..
-  PhD thesis: The Poison of War. Analysis of (de)politisation process of Agent Orange related damages in Vietnam.
-  PhD thesis (Joint agreement): Global Governance and Health.
-  PhD thesis: Emancipation and democracy in Italy through the lens of a historical sociology of hegemonic and representational struggles, Between realities and potentialities in the construction of a political community.
-  PhD thesis: The democratic horizons of climate activism. Survey on the climate movement in France and Belgium.
-  A possible and likely threat. Say and doing security: the Coordination Body for Threat Analysis and the structuring of the Belgian Belgian anti-terrorist field.
-  PhD thesis : Le partenariat UE-Niger: les migrations à l’épreuve des (re)configurations de la gestion de la mobilité .
-  PhD thesis: Governing Syrian homelessness in Belgium (1970-2010). Entrepreneurship, study, exile.
-  PhD Thesis : Political ecology and nationalism: a case study of an environmentalist party in a pro-autonomy political environment.
-  PhD thesis : Local energy governance and the (non) emergence of renewable energy cooperatives. The case of Wallonia .
-  PhD thesis : Lobbying Europe to develop Africa? International Civil Society Organisations in the supranational governance of development.
-  PhD thesis : The European Women's Lobby : what Europeanization of women's organizations : historical and sociological study .
-  PhD thesis: Collective practices within the mobilization for the regularization of undocumented migrants in Belgium (2014-2020). Tactics, autonomy and articulations between actors with and without papers .
-  PhD thesis: Integrating a basic income into Belgian social protection? An analysis of the positioning of key actors and proposals for alternatives.
-  Post-doctorat : Gouverner l’interdépendance juridique, l’invention du « pluralisme constitutionnel » dans l’Union Européenne .
-  Post-doctorat : Youth goals in Earth politics.
-  Post-doc : Autonomy put to the test disability, disability testing autonomy.


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